Xonar D1 and old JVC stereo system

Hello this is my first post on this forum I hope anyone Can help in resolving my problems. Last time sound from my computer isn't suprising me (current card is ALC888) so I'm preparing to buy sound card I guess it will be Xonar D1 or SB X-fi Gamer ( I dont know which is better). One problem is that I have old stereo system JVC MX-D301T with speakers SP-D301 Photo: http://kopochsalj.eniro.se/images/80/53/85/A26805385/image_1_76425big.jpg and specs:
* 12cm Woofer Cone
* 5cm Tweeter Cone
* 4 Ohms Impedance
* 50-20,000 hz Frequency Range
* 2 x Way Bass Reflex Speakers
I don't think it is bad system but I don't know something and I need advice so. Is it worth to buy Xonar D1 or X-fi Gamer to this stereo system ? Will I see a difference between onboard sound and Xonar ? A reason why I want to change sound card is that sound is boring and poor when I'm listening to music like Rock/Metal ore something similar to it. But please I need and objective opinion. Generally I'm listening to music in MP3 format but sometimes I like to play games
Btw. sorry for my language mistakes I'm not from english speaking country ;)
Card must work correctly on Windows 7
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  1. I recently bought a xonar d1 and I'm having a little trouble with it. I posted in several locations and have yet to get a solid answer.

    In general I found out that going with the mainstream option often is a better choice simply because you will anwers faster and fixes/workarounds are more likely to happen.

    I dont think I would have to wait this long for anyone to post whether they can still use their usb webcam's mic after having installed the soundcard with a creative product.
    (and since no one cares to answer I have to warn you that this might not be possible at this time). also, you will not be able to use those gimmicks you might have read about like voice echo etc, and record that with stereomix. you can only activate those when mic is selected , but i confess not everyone would bother with that.

    anyways. I didnt have your onboard codec or your soundsystem but I think it's pretty safe to say that virtual dolby is awesome. Usually I don't give much about sound but when I turned it on it was a definite wow - at least on the headphones.
    If you play games I think that will be pretty cool - sadly I dont play alot lately.

    I'm not sure how the xonar does on win7..you might want to read up on it on the official forums..I see alot of complaints there with crackling sounds and what not with the other models and complaints about slow and lacking driver support - I guess it will be similar on creative forums but I bet they're gonna get around that sooner than we do.

    my hi-fi equip isnt good either and tbh I'm not hearing much difference to my onboard sound but if I'd play games I'm pretty sure it would have been a well spent investment..although I'd go with the creative if I could pick again.

    hope you get better answers soon :)

    good luck
  2. D1 is on par with the ExtremeGamer, but the release of the DX (also PCI based) for $99 crushes both. As for drivers, all W7 drivers are still in beta stages, but the card is compatable.

    Soundcards are really only needed for 5.1+ sound systems, as onboard sound has reached the point where it can drive a 2.0 system without many issues. That being said, good cards can give a 2.0 system some more life, so its not always a bad idea to get a decent card for cheap.
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