Can This Resolution Damage my LCDTV?

Hello All,

I recently purchased the following 32" 720p LCD TV:

Which is hooked up to my computer via DVI out converted to HDMI cable to TV.

The TV defaults to 1360x768 resolution but Windows still lets me bring it up to 1600x900 and 1920x1080. I am even able to run games at 1920x1080 which show fine on the TV although the borders are cut off a bit.

My question is does it hurt my TV to run at these higher resolutions? Someone told me that if you go higher then Native you can damage it and I don't want to do that.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. Hi, running those reolutions on that t.v. only means your video card is creating that image with that many pixels. You should be able to see the whole image if it truly was that res. on that monitor. The reason you see it is because your t.v. has a processor that's downscaling it to fit on your t.v. or its displaying a part of the image. I have a s.d.t.v. with a computer on it I can run it at any 4:3 resolution and it will show the whole image but it simply is downscaling it. Bassically it doesn't hurt anything becase it's not doing anything. I hoped I helped you out some. :-)
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