Need 5.1 audio from PS3

I have a 47" HDTV on which i want to watch HD movies from my Playstation 3. I also want dolby digital audio (5.1) but my Audio system does not have an Optical connection (It only has 6 different rca connectors for audio).
Are there any optical to 5.1 rca adapters that i can use?
Thanks & Happy New Year !!
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    I haven't seen any.....the optical part is the problem....light ain't gonna make it through an RCA jack.

    I am not familiar with the PS3 but check and see if it has to be optical. The coax version of the cable is frankly, virtually indistinguishable from the optical version....unless you are some sort of ear freak who drops $150 on speaker cables ;-)

    Coax digital audio to RCA convertors are readily available.....
  2. Thanks for your reply...but PS3 does not have any coaxial audio output. The only audio output from ps3 are the optical one and HDMI.
    By the way i found a audio decoder which i think might help

    By using this between my PS3 and audio system, i think it will work :) ... sorry for my bad english
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