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Hi Guys,

I currently have

2 * Wharfedale SVP-15 speakers

1* Hybrid A200B amplifier

i want to upgrade my system:

i recently bought the wharfedale S1500 amp on special:]

so i have 2 amps and two speakers. i have noticed that with my speakers if turn the bass off they can go really loud.

so my thoughts where:

i buy 2* DLX-15B

and then use my SVP-15 as satellites.

so the bass subs will take the bass and the SVP's will only play mids and highs.

will this idea of mine work?

if so i have a few questions:

1: should u use the wharfedale amp for the bass subs and the hybrid for the highs?

2: how will I join both amps to my mixer and make the hybrid one only play highs and lows (the s1500 has a low pass filter)(hybrid has no filters)

3: will the s1500 be strong enough to power the subs?

4: I think that the Subs have built in filters, so if Iused those would the s1500 power the subs which then power the SVP's (So I would need a bigger amp) or could I use the subs filters for the satellites still powering them with the hybrid amp? or could i some how bridge my two amps together?

Sorry i know i have asked allot of questions but please can you try to answer them all.

Thank you very much.
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  1. If your gonna use 2 amps to power the system, you'll need a cross-over to seperate the signal placed before the amps.
  2. can you give me a link to an example of a cross over?

    And what kinda price you looking at?
  3. I good analogue crossover is an Ashley 1001XR, about $240. Almost as good is a dbx 223XL, for about $180.

    I assume you're using the Wharfdale's and the subwoofer for PA applications. If you're using these on your PC it's complete overkill.

    The Wharfdales are PA speakers need power and volume to be utilized properly. They just wont sound as good at low volumes.
  4. I dont use it on the pc, i use it for mobile djing.

    So once i get a cross over then what?
  5. zapnologica said:

    :) It really is an international forum. I have no idea what a djing is.

    anywho.... i doubt that crossover would work as its probably powered by DC. Unless a 'djing' is some kind of automobile, in which case I'd ask why you're using PA speakers in a car.

    The crossover divides that signal by frequency. You'd want to send everything under 90hz to the subs and the rest to the Wharfdales.
  6. Well DJing is when you DJ, like at house parties and clubs.

    People hire me and i bring my sound and lights and i provide them with music and dancing for the night,

    No well i thought i would just get a dc power supply andd save my self some bucks.
    its only $56.00
  7. So must the wharfedales play from 90hz upwards?

    What freq dose a mid speaker play?
  8. Ahhhhh... DJ-ing... disk jockey...yeah. OK. got it.

    Ummm... why not just plug into the wall?

    You won't get enough power to run two amps, two subs, and two mid/high cabs from a car battery.

    You usually crossover under 90hz for the subs, then depending on the speaker configuration and effeciency crossover again around 4khz from the mids to the highs. The Wharfdales have a built-in crossover (called a passive crossover) so you don't have to worry about that.

    So, the signal path goes like this:

    Mixer output (L/R) ----------> crossover Input (L/R),
    crossover low output (Mono)-----------> amp input -output to sub
    crossover mid/highs (L/R) --------> amp L/R input - output to Wharfedales.

    Honestly tho, that would be OK for a small room/garage, but woefully inadequate for a club.
  9. Yea, i agree, but for like halls and lounges it will be great, cause i currently just use my two svp-15.

    Well i will only power the crossover with a dc power supply ( just like a router power supply) amps and mixers plug into the mains.

    Also more specificalu the wharfedale subs, i know they have a crossover built into them with a satelite output?

    in this case would you just have one large amp powering both your subs and speakers and then the crossover in the sub will sort out all the frequecies?

    If i set the subs amp to low pass filter will the built in passive crossover not mess witht he settings? would it not be better to send a full range of frequesncies to the sub and let its cross over choose whats best.

    also annother thing, I only really need a 1 channel crossover as the wharfedal amp i plan to use for the subs has a lowpass filter built in, cant i just use that? or is it better to have a croosover controling that and then i just leave the amp on normal not low pass filter?
  10. Well i got my DLX-15B subs and the amp powers them and my svp15 perfectly.
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