Picture is different than what I focus on - skewed to left

I have a C-3020 Camedia Zoom Camera. It always took perfect pictures until today.

I took some pictures of some items as usual. Usually I look through the viewfinder and center the object in the cross lines.

I use a memory card, and put it in the card reader to see & edit my pictures. When I took a look at the picture(s) - I tried many times, instead of my camera taking a picture of the object, it takes a picture of the area somewhat left of the object which could be nothing, or my desk. Each time I tried, the image showed up as the area to the left of the picture I was actually taking.

What's happening? It was fine yesterday and now and can't take a picture where I'm actually pointing it.

I'd rather not get a brand new camera and depending upon what is wrong with it, I don't know if it's worth fixing. Could it have to do with changing the settings? or is it somewhere in the lens itself?

Help! I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide.


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  1. I think I would have a look at the camera's menus and find the item which resets the camera to default settings. Just in case you've selected some esoteric option that is producing the odd results.
  2. Fihart,
    I think that's an excellent idea although the menus are a little complicated. I'll have to check the manual.

    BUT, I came to a different conclusion yesterday. I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the camera as I did not change anything. The first hint came when my friend sent me downloads of her recent trip here. When I opened them up, all I saw was my "hair", and didn' realize that they were coming up SO big that if I scrolled up/down & left/right and could eventually see the whole picture. Usually when I open up an attachment, they open in normal size.

    Then I retried taking a pic with my camera and the reason why it seem that I've taken a picture to the left is because I see only "part" of the picture and when I scroll as above, the whole picture is actually on there so I began to think that perhaps I need to change some settings on my computer, especially since a visitor was using my computer and may have reset something.

    I have a Mac OS X. I'm trying to figure out now what settings I should change on my computer to view a picture "normal size." Is it "preview"? If I could go to the right application/menu and correct the viewing settings on my computer, I think this would solve the problem. You had the right idea though except that now I think it has more to do with the settings on my computer than on my camera which i'll set to default anyway.

    Thanks very much. Please respond if you have a clue!
  3. Not an Apple user.

    But I think you are on the right track -- after all, what happens when you view pictures within the camera -- do they look normal on the camera's screen ?
  4. Hi,
    I have no idea what made it go back to normal, but I changed a few settings on my camera, such has HQ and pixels plus I went into iPhoto and reduced "something." I have no idea what I did right, but now, the pictures I view on the camera are identical to the pictures I see on my computer.

    I'm surprised that there was so little feedback to this question. I thought I was going to have to buy a new camera. For now, it works fine.

    Thanks much.
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