Have broken hp pavilion new computer and they want to do another repair

i sent my computer to hp for a repair after owning it for a month and now i am getting windows errors and they want to do another repair i want to get a refund for the purchase. i filed with the complaint board of california and the attorney generals office of new york. What is this class action suit. And do you know how I can get my money back
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  1. Class Action Suit is where a group of complainants with similar issues get together, usually organised by a lawyer who they retain, to sue someone, often a manufacturer.

    The savings on legal costs are worthwhile and it allows all the complainants to benefit from one judgement, rather than each pursuing their own case.

    The verdict can often also extend to anyone who bought the same product and suffered a related problem.

    I've heard that HP customers are planning a class action and it may be worth you finding out if their complaints match yours.
  2. What type of repair do they want to do? In order to join any class action lawsuit, you'll have to have the same type of problem.

    That can be a VERY lengthy process. The best way to get your money back, is to look at your warranty information and return policy.
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