Netflix Streaming: PC vs. Internet Connected Blu -Ray

I stream netflix movies over the PC and experience issues with screen tearing. My research leads me to believe it is an issue with the Silverlight player and WinXP. Something about the player not supporting vsync which results in screen tearing. I have heard the issue does not occur on Vista or 7 but right now I am not motivated to upgrade to either.

With the price of internet ready Blu-Ray players dropping to the sub $200 level, I am considering getting one. I have a HDCP compliant HD monitor with HDMI inputs and I am wondering if anyone has compared the two and if the quality is comparable?

The quality on the PC is great with the exception of the screen tearing so I am hoping using that by using the Blu-Ray player I will maintain all the positive aspects but lose the one bad one....the screen tearing from the Silverlight player....any comments?
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  1. Update:

    Trying out the RokuHD on the 30 day trial and so far I am impressed. The screen tearing issue is not a factor and while the Roku maxes out at 720P, none of the content I have access to exceeds 720P so it is not really a concern at present.....

    The RokuHD was only $99 so I figure I will use this for a while and in a year or so, if Blu-Ray is holding strong, upgrade to a internet connected Blu-Ray and relegate the Roku to a bedroom or office.

    Bonus: Now I can stream Netflix and various podcasts etc. without having my PC running...I am thinking I will save a few bucks on the electric bill as a result....
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