3.5mm - Toslink optical adaptor/cable

On my Pc I have the standard 6 headphone style outputs/inputs for the audio. What i'm looking for is something that'll let me link up those outputs (4 x 3.5mm jacks carrying the 5.1 surround) to my reciever which has both optical and coaxial inputs (Preferably Optical)

Is it possible? Please ask if I haven't explained well enough.
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  1. Unless your PC have SPDI/F output then you will need a soundcard.
  2. ^^ Co-signed. Spdif output on motherboards has only recently been implemented, and you will likely need a soundcard. Assuming you want cheap, the Xonar DX would be the best solution.

    There *might* be an adaptor out there that takes a 5.1 analog connection and converts to a spdif output, but that would likely cost at least as much as a soundcard. Doesn't hurt to take a look though.
  3. Buying a soundcard would actually cost me a stupid amount of money. I've only got a Mini Atx board with 2 PCI slots, which are both already occupied. Its got a spare PCIex1 but they're practically useless.<BR><BR>
    My mobo has a SPDIF header on it, For the bracket, but i've done a bit of research and they're nearly impossible to find these days.

    Looks like im stuck with stereo for the moment, Guess I can live.
  4. If your receiver has a discrete analog 5.1 channel input you can connect to that using the analog outputs that you already have.
  5. So what brand and model is you motherboard?
  6. UnworthyBean said:
    Its got a spare PCIex1 but they're practically useless.

    ASUS Xonar DX. Uses PCI-Ex1 slot, costs $99.
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