DVP-CX985V laser replaced and DVDs will not play after a few mins

Sony DVP-CX985V optical pickup replaced. The laser now reads CDs fine, but on DVDs will read fine for about 5-10 minutes and then the picture gets choppy and eventually r the unit reports that the disc is dirty (this happens on all DVD discs).

Used brand new discs to ensure it was not in fact a "dirty" disc and recleaned the lens just to make 100% sure...

Do I need to run a Auto Adjustment through the service menus on this player or something in order for the new laser to function properly?
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  1. ok you might hate me for this but .. service is required in that case

    if the unit does this with ony a couple of disc well then is not the unit are the disc but if the unit does this will all the disc specially ones that had played before on properly then service is required
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