Desktop preview doesnt work even its checked

Hey everyone, so i have this problem, as the topic says desktop preview doesnt work, i quite dont understand why, aero glass is enabled, my GPU Ati Radeon 5750 has integrated WDM (which is required as i understud by research). But it doesnt work and what does the checkbox show, aswel registry. No third parties drivers seems to be involved by taking a scan. Whats weird aswel that the checkmarks are greyed. Troubleshouting doesnt work, it shows that everything is fine.

Really looking forward to get some help as i cant imagine what i can do.
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  1. Go to Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools > Adjust Visual Effects

    I believe these are the three you need to have enabled to make it work:

    Animate controls and elements inside windows
    Enable desktop composition
    Use visual styles on windows and buttons.
  2. everything was checked, tho its strange, i disabled everything and reverted back as it was, and now the desktop preview is enabled. It might be a bug...

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