Moving SSD/HDD around using multiple profiles?

If I recall, there was a way in windows to setup different boot configurations. I can't remember where/how to do it (did it long long time ago.) What I'm trying to achieve is that I've got two new laptops coming and need to decide which one to keep. So I basically want to use each one for a few days before I decide. I want to take my current SSD in my Thinkpad out and put it the new machines so I have all my apps and settings the same as I'm used too (and no bloatware to deal with.) Typically when I migrate, I do this and then just load the drivers necessary for the different components on the new machine. But I don't want to overwrite my current drive config. So essentially I want three machine profiles, one for current machine and one each for each of the two new machines. Will this work okay?
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  1. BOO! HISS....

    Looks like I'll have to use System Restore Points and live with losing any changes to my apps and settings? Can't believe MS removed this capability.
  2. Oh, I forgot, Windows license will become invalid when it sees changes in the hardware. That's why they had to remove it I'm assuming. Guess I'll just have to do some web browsing, etc. on the stock HDD install on the new machines. Moving my SSD around sounds like it won't work unless there's a decent 'grace period' on re-licensing Windows?
  3. Why not image the current drives, save it offline and then install your drive into the new laptops, then once you are done, re-image the drive via the saved image.

    But yes, you do raise a point whereby if there are too many changes, you would need a valid license but I wonder if you can you use the existing license?
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