Eizo monitors (S2401w / S2431w )

Hi Everyone
I have a question regarding Eizo monitors, more specifically those two
Eizo Flexscan S2401w http://www.eizo.com/products/lcd/s2401w/spec.asp
Eizo Flexscan S2431w http://www.eizo.com/products/lcd/s2431w/spec.asp

From the reviews I read Eizo is one of the best monitors but what worries me is the response time, I most use my computer for gaming and not graphics editing for which eizo monitors obviously aim.

Does anyone has one of those monitors and checked it out in gaming?

So any opinions / advice?
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  1. Are you honestly ready to spend over 1K on a gaming monitor?
    They have good ratings for gaming but not as good as its BenQ and Samsung 22" (2ms) counterparts, which are about 300% cheaper.

    I'm planning on getting a Samsung 226UX (~340 CAD at Future shop) (22" 2ms 16.7 mil colors) has been rated (++:very good) on www.prad.de for hardcore gaming.

    I've browsed around for a 2ms 24" and could'nt find any. There's a 23" made by Dell and Samsung which allegedly supports a higher resolution and a 16:9 ratio but it was removed earlier this week from Dell's products website so there's little or no information on how well it performs. They were both listed as having 2ms as well.
  2. Below are reviews for both monitors:



    The Eizo S2410W-K is the more expensive monitor, and if I were to spend that amount of money I would probably buy another 26" NEC2690WUXi.


    However, the 24" NEC LCD2490WUXi is technically superior to the 26" LCD2690WUXi which seems to have slighty less issues with backlight bleeding and "truer" pure white colors. Other have stated that color variations seems to be less pronounced on the LCD2490wuxi. However, these technicals basically applies to those who are doing professional graphics.
  3. The 300% part is true if you are from US but in my country (Israel) the price is actually the same...

    For example Samsung 2493HM (which is also rated ++ in prad for gaming) costs around 800$ here (converted from local currency - NIS). while you can find it at newegg for 409.99$

    Eizo S2401w costs around 770$ here while fast search for price in the USA places is above 1k $

    No idea why from where this difference in price comes from.

    So ignore the price and just give the info on performance :)
  4. One more thing S2401w actually has TN panel while S2431w has S-PVA
  5. Well the first thing I would do is identify my gaming niche. Do you prefer fast paced games (fps/racing) or ones that are slower paced (simulators/rts/mmorpg/puzzle etc.)

    A monitor with greater overall image quality (better colors and lighting) meant for graphic design would suit you best with slower paced games, since refresh rate is not really an issue.

    In the case of FPS, I would definitly go with a faster monitor (2ms) or ones that are specifically built for games.

    A friend of mine has a Samsung which is not meant for FPS but has a great image quality. Watching a DVD or playing Warcraft 3 on it is amazing, but Quake 3 really suffers from its slow response time. Its not as comfortable for the eyes to play for a long period of time.

    Last and least of all, I suggest going in person to a computer store, and look/try out the different monitors they have. I prefer a glossy finish while a lot of people I know are adamant against it. I dont understand the differences in prices either, if price is a non issue it might be best to go for an higher end display (NEC/Eizo), as long as it catters to your needs.
  6. Hey jaguarskx

    As funny as it is NEC LCD2690WUXI actually costs 1930$ here so no go for me. Its like every monitor price is almost doubled here but not Eizo...

    Also the S2410W eizo model is actually slower then S2431w. The specs say that its (g-2-g) response time is 8 ms and it costs the same as S2431w model.
  7. i usually play FPS/RPG games, AeroGear you think that 5ms of the S2401w model is not good enough ?

    I was hoping it combined the speed of the TN panel with the quality that I am used to see from Eizo monitors.
  8. Andrew S said:
    One more thing S2401w actually has TN panel while S2431w has S-PVA

    Sorry about that, I suppose I am dyslectic today. I transposed the "1" and the "0" to get the Eizo S2410W.
  9. I play FPS/RPG (currently Fallout 3) games on my NEC2690WUXi which has a response time of 6ms. It seems fine to me, then again I am not an avid hardcore gamer.
  10. Thanks for the info jaguarskx.

    I am really torn between those two.
    S2401w is faster 6ms TN panel and the S2431w with S-PVA is good quality and shouldnt be too slow too...

    Its definitely going to be one of those two, i just dont know which one is going to be :(.
  11. 1. A TN panel is out of the question if quality is your goal
    2. the S2431w with S-PVA is in my mind the very best monitor on the market, that’s why Traders Hedge funds and all who spend a lot of time ion front of a screen choose it.

    I use the Eizo S2431W and let me tell you some truths. The Panel is the most incredible piece of kit I own.. :bounce: why? Because out of the box you notice the colour renders are lifelike, the brightness of the monitor is so finely adjusted edge to centre that I cannot find a single bright or dark spot anywhere. I have no missing pixels. not even an odd artefact. I have it flanked by BenQs F241W flagship hi calibre 24" now obsolete (yep there leaving hi end panels alone now so dont be fooled with cheaper 24" inferior TN panel offerings!! you get roughly what you pay for in this business so sub £300 not inc Vat is a no). Compared to the BenQ F2431W which is a top end unit.. the Eizo wins hands down with better colour render at low light intensities, the BenQ is a little colder in hue (blues greys) and cannot reproduce the subtleties of the Eizo especially under semi low lighting.

    As for Gaming the Eizo is the main screen and I game hard but notice Zero lag, zero artefact and zero blurring on how action scenes.. I am never made aware that the monitor cannot keep up with the action scenes at all so no.. there’s no problem here. The Eizo unit is actually around £560 + VAT but these are distribution prices and because I work in the business that is my price.. plus of course running my own business I get the VAT off so it becomes very affordable to me but after that to get them in the retail outlets is a joke.. I’ve seem them go for £900.. which is simply ridiculous.. best you wise up get registered for VAT and become in some part self employed to get around these tax issues and technically have your business own the item and get a rebate for the VAT.. all for the price of filling in a VAT return every three months, c’mon pull your finger out, step outside of your comfort zone... when r u going to be that person you want to be?

    Any way all in all the Eizo is an amazing piece of technology.. Once you see the Eizo black, you wont go back. I use it as my main screen to watch TV also but Im looking for 3 more lower cost alternatives for a 2nd bank (I trade Futures and Options).

    Conclusion: Dont even start to compare an Eizo, just shut your eyes and buy it cheaply. Hint distributor selling them to resellers is Avnet. To be a reseller just have a business letterhead that shows your a reseller. Get entrepreneurial for
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