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Hi, first time poster here, and severely confused. I have an Seagate 500 Gb external hard drive and I want to hook it up to my LG Blu-Ray player through the USB port. As I use my drive to backup my music and dvd collection (thankfully only the ones that are too scratched to play regularly), I have run into a problem. The blu-ray player will recognize my music and play it, but the videos won't show up at all. I have tried reformatting them (some were copied as .iso disc image and some as video-ts) but I can't seem to find the right format that will let the player...well...play them. Am I making sense at all?
I have tried to find out if whether the problem is a specific format that the videos have to be in or if there is a problem with the format of the hard drive (which doesn't seem likely as the music on it plays).
I know that if I return the videos to a disk they will play, but 1] I took them off disk in the first place because of the fragile nature of said object (think dvd v.s. 3 year-old and you get the picture) and 2] I don't want to have to spend unnecessary time and money if I don't have to.
I tried to look up info on my problem and the only thing I have been able to find, and I'm not entirely sure if it is the key to my problem, is that my blu-ray player reads only mpeg-4.
Any help would be realy appreciated.
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  1. if im understanding correctly, you want to take your dvds and put them on your external hard drive. all your computer is doing is putting it into an actual file but what you need to do is actually rip the movie from the dvd and then put it into a collection management program like my movies. i recommend that you take a look at a ripper software by slysoft. it might take a little more than just what i am telling you but this is a point in the right direction. if you want to discuss it more hit me up and i will tell you how i did it.

    sincerely, cable guy
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