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hey guys,

well i recently bought a Sony MHC-EC99i from my local Fry's Electronics store and i wanted to plug in a Microphone because i wanted to hear the output from the speakers of the stereo. well i found out that there is no microphone input jack. but what the stereo system does have is it has a PC input, so whatever sounds usually come from the computer speakers will be coming from the stereo speakers now. i was wondering if i can plug in a microphone into the PC then have that sound come out from the speakers of the stereo. OR what i really wanted to do is to directly input the microphone into the speaker, without having to lug around a laptop in order to use the microphone.

here is the link of my stereo system
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  1. If you want to connect the microphone directly into the Sony system you will need a microphone preamp that will boost the output of the mic to line level. You then connect that to any line level input (such as PC or Aux). You may need a Y connector so that the mic pre will feed both the left and right channels. If you want to use the pc that will also work.
  2. and that is THE only way to do this?
  3. Microphones don't put out enough to drive a regular line input without additional gain. That's what the mic preamp does. It has to be boosted somewhere. There are public address speakers with that preamp built in so they can be used with just a mic.
  4. my dad came home with this

    what do i need to use a mic, such as any cables or adapter of any sort?
  5. The mic should plug into the mixer and the main out from the mixer goes to your
    Sony. I think the only input on the Sony uses a 3.5mm mini plug so you will need a cable to connect the main out of the mixer/preamp to that. It looks like you will need an 1/4" phono plug to 3.5mm mini plug cable. Tell your Dad to tell the place he got the mixer how he wants to use it and bring the manual for the Sony with him. They should be able to set you up. Keep the volume on the mixer output low as you could overload the Sony.
  6. what i have set up right now is this:

    i have a 3.5mm plug in the sony and then the other end of the cable splits to a RCA audio cable, red and white. i then connected the red/white to the RCA output of the mixer, then im going to plug in a microphone in the mic input on the mixer.

    will this work?
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