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This is kinda my first time using the forums so I hope I put this in the right category. Anyways, I went to the pool today and accidentally had my 8gb, 2nd gen touch in my pocket (it was in standby)! It was there for a good 4-5 minutes before I realized. About 30 minutes later I flushed it with clean water since the pool had about middling levels of chlorine. Then I took my touch and put it in a bowl of rice to sit. I can't put it anyway particularly warm but at least it will be dry. I guess Ill let it sit for a few days and hope it works. I didn't try to charge it or turn it on but I may have hit the home button a couple times by accident. I didn't take it apart either. Any other suggestions? Thanks for any responses!
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    I'd say you're kind of screwed. no matter how dry you get the outside that water got inside around the dock connector and headphone jack. It being in standby mode means it could have shorted out the battery as well. Hope it works though
  2. put in in a cup of rice and leave it there for a few days....the rice will dry it out
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