Needing better PC speakers for Rave music.

At the moment i have a set of logitech Z-2300 speakers that are good but i can hear distortion when i relly turn the speakers up. Also the sub does not seem to be able to keep up with the music, seems to be a split second behind.

I paid $200AU for the Z-2300 but would be happy to spen up to $500AU on a set if i can really crank them up without that distortion or lag. Might spend more if it will get what i want.

Thanks a bunch and here is an example of what i listen to to get an idea of what i need.
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  1. What you need is a fast speakers like the Klipsch speakers. And you're probably need a full system instead of PC speaker system.

    You need an amp and speakers like these ones + a sub:
  2. i was hoping for something less in size? Are there any fast speakers that are small enough for a pc set up?
  3. Quote:
    i was hoping for something less in size? Are there any fast speakers that are small enough for a pc set up?
    But loud enough without having to distort? Try Axiom's PC Speakers:

    Smallest satellite I could recomend is bookshelf speakers, small but loud enough without having to distort? Check Axiom's PC Speakers: plus you’ll need good sub like this one If you’re interested, call them first and tell them what you need. Another one to check Klipsch or the quintet and a sub.

    M-Audio is nice too but those are monitor speakers which is different for home listening and you still need a fast sub.

    You can mix and match the system as long they're all capable of what you need. So you can go to you local Audio/Video store and bring your portable player and ask them to hook it up to try the speakers.
  4. Thats fantastic. Thanks for the help. i have seen that heard some audiophiles use Behringer MS40's. Are they any good from experience?
  5. Behringer MS40's very good monitor speakers but it may not be what you're looking for, if you wanted to use this speakers then you might need two pairs to make up with the sound level you need. It'll give you more detail but not design for blasting.

    This units have 20W per channels not so powerful but have high headroom, so I suggest you get two if one may not be enough and don't crank it up to 100% but 75%of it's volume.
  6. well if i needed to pairs i may as well just get the audiobytes. the link you posted to the speakers has the option of adding an epsero sub. Is the worth it or am i bett of with something like the ep125 sub from the other link?
  7. Logitech Z-2300 have same power output as the Ep 125, so I'd recomnd it. Again call them first before ordering.
  8. Something I forgot to ask is what's your sound card? If your sound card is good then no need to replace it.
  9. Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatality Pro
  10. That's pretty good sound card.

    And by the way instead of the BEHRINGER ms40; check these book shelf speakers out:
  11. You said that the ep125 has the same power output but dont i need something that is fast hitting? i wouldnt need to be as powerful so long it could keep up with the music.

    i dont mind those speakers
  12. If you don't need a powerful bass then try Audiobyte without the sub or the monitor speakers from the link I gave you. You can always add sub woofer later.
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