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hi, i'm after some advice on which products to use as a Fan Controller.

I have an Antec 300, with 2 extra Antec 120mm Fans. One is in the side panel and one is in the top HDD slot covering 1 Seagate 500mb drive.

I have no reliable temp checking, my aftermarket CPU cooler is a bit of a cheapy Arctic Cooling 64 (Went overbudget on the build, so saved a bit on that!)
I'm starting to regret that decision now, especially as i have 2 components that are known to run hot:

Powercolor Radeon 4850 512gb - this is the slightly overclocked retail version that has inadequete cooling hence the extra fan on the side panel

AMD Phenom Agena 9500 2.2Gz Quad - Bargain buy at £50 could not really resist! Again this is a component known to run hot, and i will be compounding this by OCing to 2.4 when i find a good temp probe.

What i would like is a 5.25 bay panel that runs temp probes to HDD, CPU and GPU, along with some sort of hub that allows me to run all 4 main case fans (2 pre installed 2 aftermarket) from one Molex pin. All the cases are 4 pin, all have speed controllers with 3 settings. If i was being picky I'd say £30 max (aka $45) with Blue LED display

Any suggestions appreciated.

Additionally, one thing a bout the 300 that puzzles me. I hear it said that one input and one output is best for airflow when it comes to optimum case cooling. However, as standard the 300 has the 2 stock fans in the top-rear that exhaust hot air, while also pulling out air through the PSU mounted in the bottom-rear.
Does this impair cooling at all?
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