Help Me Ditch Cable.

I am in need of some advice...

I would like to ditch cable, and cannot for the life of me find a solution that would help me to do this. I am hoping that maybe some of you can point me in the right direction....

I will start by listing all of the hardware that I already own.

Apple TV
Xbox 360
Various PC's and Mac's that could handle any streaming content and could be used just for this purpose.
An HDTV with DVI and HDMI (Although HD programming is not that important)

Content that I need to be able to view:

Various CW, ABC, NBC content for my wife.
Syfy, Travel Channel, Discovery, and maybe USA for myself.
Nick JR for the wee one.

It seems like the hardest part of this is actually NickJr, I just cannot find a way to access their content. Beyond that it doesnt appear as though Hulu is currently working with Boxee on the apple TV due to flash problems so that is out.

Netflix is one option through the Xbox 360 but I have heard some of their TV content is delayed. (Is this true?)

Any advice would be great!
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  1. you dont want to ditch cable!!! why would you do that?!? but no seriously what is your issue with cable and there are few providers that can offer as much as cable.
  2. The thought that nearly everything I watch is freely available on Hulu (for now), coupled with the fact that I spend close to a 100 dollars on it a month.
  3. on just the tv or on all services?
  4. if you can get all your tv on hulu then i would get rid of just the television but for your internet i would stay with them so you can stream just as fast as you did before.
  5. satellite is going to be more expensive. att cant offer the same speeds for the same price. verizon would be your best bet if you wanted fast internet speed, just not with cable. but their gonna charge you. and thats only if your in an area with fiber.
  6. I have AT&T right now, and yes with HD/DVR/ and 200 Channels I pay close to 100 dollars a month on just television. The screwed up thing, is I really do not watch that much tv. I have the second lowest plan, and if I drop to the lowest they tack on a cable box fee of 15 dollars a month which puts me at only a dollar less than what I already pay.
  7. yeah if your happy with the internet then i say just get rid of the tv. what company are you with anyway?( cable )
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