Are these speakers any good??

I was searching for a 5.1 set of speakers that are relatively cheap (<400 usd). I came across the Acesonic SP-510 set. Does anyone know of these? Any opinion? I will pair these with the Pioneer 819 av receiver.

Here is a link about them:

Any input is appreciated
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  1. At $300.00 list price, I don't think there are any better speakers than that on it's price range. Go for it.

    One thing you need to remember is that sub doesn't look like it's powered so you might need amp for that Sub.
  2. Yea thats what I was worried about. I might just sell the sub and buy a powered sub. Any recommendations for a decent powered sub that won't destroy my bank?
  3. Paradigm PDR 10 Subwoofer would be fine with your system and doesn't cost as much or the Axiom EP125, but if you want more power then the SVS PB10-NSD; thuogh EP125 can be had close to color of the Acesonic 510 surround sound speakers and SVS PB10 comes with any color as long as if you pick black.
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