Xbox 360+ packard bell viseo 230 ws monitor


Im trying to connect my 360 to my monitor via a microsoft vga hd cable, and im having trouble.

i can hear the sound from the 360 just fine, but i cant get a picture, if i select d-sub from the monitors menu it goes blank for a few seconds then drops back to my pc desktop, if i shut my pc down and remove the dmi cable, leaving just the vga from the 360, it does the same thing, (except i cant get into the monitors menu when its not active via the pc) just comes up with the usual no signal message.

any ideas?
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  1. Hey, Im having problems too. I think i have an old model of a PB iMedia and theres no place i can connect my vga cable into the pb monitor. The only space is on the desktop/hardrive which connects my pc to my monitor. So taking it out, and putting it in the desktop means no signal input on my monitor. COuld you help me with this? :(
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