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Ihave no disks and windows xp professional 2002 is the operating system. How can I manually format the hard drive and restore windows xp?
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  1. Without an install disk, you won't be able to install XP back on the hard drive, if you did a format. If you just want to restore the computer to an earlier state, use the restore points. If the PC came with a recovery partition, you could also use that.
  2. just had same problem, I did a pc restore. It takes the harddrive back to the factory settings. Reinstalls the original version of windows that was on it, in my case xp. So if the pro 2002 was ur orig. OS, I can get you the info. You'll wipe the drive clean so save anything you want to keep on a flash or disc.
  3. To help prevent further complications, it is important to disconnect the system's modem or network cable before starting the restore process.

    To perform a restore of the operating using PC Restore, perform the following steps:

    Dell PC Restore by Symantec is available on Dimension and Inspiron systems that shipped on or after 7/16/2004 in the Americas and 8/30/2004 in Europe.

    Power the computer on.
    When the Dell screen appears press and hold the <Ctrl> key on the keyboard, press the <F11> key, then release them both at the same time.
    The Dell PC Restore by Symantec window appears.
    NOTE: Press the keys one time only. If you press them more than once, a keyboard error occurs and the process has to be initiated again.

    Click the Restore button or press the <Tab> key to highlight Restore and press the <Enter> key.
    A caution message appears advising that all data will be lost.
    Click the Confirm button or press the <Tab> key to highlight Confirm and press the <Enter> key.
    The Progress window appears. Once the process is begun, Dell PC Restore usually takes only 8 to 10 minutes to complete.
    When the restore is complete, the message The system recovery process was successful appears.
    Click the Finish button or press the <Tab> key to highlight Finish and press the <Enter> key.
    The computer will restart.

    Hopes this helps, you will lose everything on the hd. But when your done you basic'ly have a new computer with everything on it that came with it.
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