Bought a problematic mobile, what need I do?

Recently,I purchased a LG mobile phone KP500 from the Internet.I paid the money immediately when the express worker gave it to me, without careful checking.

However, there is something wrong with the cellphone, I found it can never receive signal, that means I can never give or receive a call, or even send a message. So I tried to contact the service from that shop, unfortunately she just said she couldn't provide any help, even asking for exchange.

I feel so angry since I am a consumer spending lots of money but got a useless phone, I need justice, what should I do?
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  1. I can only comment on what I would do in the UK -- which is contact the vendor of the phone and point out the problem and demand a remedy (either a new phone or a refund).

    Mail order sellers may claim that you should have checked the product at time of delivery but I would point out that this is clearly impractical with a complex product like a phone.

    If the vendor then failed to cooperate, in the UK I would issue a summons in the Small Claims Court and I am sure that the judge would agree with the point above about impracticality of delivery terms.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions, fihart. I will try to contact the vendor of the phone soon.
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