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will 3d tv's have two inputs, one for each stereo image? will I be able to plug in two digital cameras with a pair of stereo images to view my stereo pair on my tv?
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  1. well it's all rather new and developing daily but from what I understand, the monitor itself will not be doing anything other than supporting 3D content. The 3D aspect of the content will be inherent in the content itself, not by your monitor doing some sort of image modification.

    Meaning, if you want to view digital camera images in 3D, you will first have to take those pictures with a 3D digital camera. The monitor will not make a 2D image 3D.
  2. 3dtv will only have a single hdmi input. If you search for hdmi standards, the version 1.4 hdmi will be supporting the full 3d spec. So this will mean just newer cables with better shielding.
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