PCI-Express TV tuner/caputer card?

Does anyone know if there are any plans by any manufacturer to make a PCI-Express (x1 or higher) TV tuner card?

Mad Cat
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  1. The Theater 550 chip was designed to work with both PCI and PCIe busses, so there are plans. Card makers are probably waiting for market saturation of PCIe to improve before investing in new products.

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  2. That's good to know. There's been a lot of talk lately about the pointlessness of PCI-Express for anything but graphics cards and network interface cards. I was thinking of getting a TV tuner card so that I can record TV shows onto my harddrive, but I realized that the PCI-Express x1 slot would be perfect for a tuner card. In that case, I'll probably wait for a fully fledged PCI-Express TV tuner card.

    Mad Cat
  3. It is probably worth pointing out that neither Philips nor Conexant have announed any native PCI-e decoders/encoders or bridge chipsets. Between them they probably account for 90% of the capture card market. When PCI-e TV capture cards and DVB cards do appear, they will almost certainly have a PCI to PCI-e bridge chip onboard with the same CX2388x and SAA713x decoders as the current generation of PCI cards. I am guessing we may soon see the demise of the venerable BT878 chip as a result. They will also have a higher bill of materials than the current PCI cards and will be more expensive.
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