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Howdy all,

Does anyone know a cheap solution to planting a video camera in a room to record video?

Needs to be able to record on-demand, i.e. having a sim card in it, which I text to start it, or via a remote or a signal sent via computer over the internet.

Even better (and necessary), if it can record in the dark, or has a light that can be turned on and off on command.

And it, as the title suggests, needs to be discreet so as not to alarm anyone in the area, who cannot notice it under any circumstances. It would be planted and be used for several days, recording 15-30m sections maximum once or twice a day.

And if it's available in Australia, even better.

I know that's a lot to hope for, but oh well :)

- HateDread
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  1. What your doing is most likely against the law and it's not cheap.
    Other options, put a laptop in the room, leave open and control it from another computer.
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