Streaming netflix with a US VPN thru a blu-ray player

Hi, I'm looking at getting either the LG, Samsung, or new Sony players that also stream netflix, amazon, etc. I will use my US VPN because I will be taking it with me to Europe and want to know if there is any experience in using this sort of set up. With my home wifi network how will I connect to my US VPN? Are there certain players that will do this easier than others?

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  1. Unfortunately what you are asking to do is illegal. You might be able to obtain assistance from a less reputable site but I don't think anyone here would offer assistance, just as a matter of ethics.

    Refer to the Netflix terms of service of whatever they call it for clarification but basically you can only access their service from within the U.S.
  2. As far as streaming Netflix from within the US? I have heard very good things about the Samsung and LG players, the Roku is supposedly a step or two behind the two I mentioned in quality but much cheaper as it is not a Blu-Ray Player....supposedly quite simple to set up as well.

    I currently use my PC to stream from Netflix but have decided to purchase a Samsung BDP3600 i think it was in the near future as it strikes me as wasteful to have my PC running for hours on end while I watch movies.
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