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Good evening all,

I am selling a mint dropship for Mechwarrior. Take advantage of
the reasonable starting bid of $75 and the "Buy It Now" price of $125!
If you have any questions, just email me. I can get you a shipping
quote by you sending me your zip code. Here's the link followed by the
item description:


Own your own mint Mechwarrior Aurora-Class Dropship today! The
Dropship has 4 mech bays with opening doors that can fit infantry,
vehicles, and mechs and 4 rotating gun turrets. This ship can be used
as a display piece, a terrain objective, or as part of a massive
mechwarrior army (1000 pts or more).

This huge game model measures approximately 21" x 12" x 5". It comes
in its original box. The figure has only been pulled out of its box
twice, and only for admiring it magnificence. The faction decals are
included. They have never been touched. The box itself is in
excellent condition. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.
Henry R.
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  1. just wondering what your bid is at and if you have a pic of it you can email me at bookerwhiteboy@yahoo.com my name is patrick and if you still have it i would really really like please get back with me
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