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I know this sounds stupid and many will ask the question as to why one would want to do this, but a friend of mine bought about 70 DVD's at a cheap computer store thinking they were CD's and gave them to me to burn a few of my CD's from my collection. I am not going out to by a pack of CD's for him and besides that, half of these DVD's look as if they have been undully exposed to light, where about half of the outer disc has a dark rusty brown colour in a cresent moon shape being about four millimeters at its widest point. I don't care if I only use up a CD's worth of data, just so that it can be played on a CD player. Can this be done?

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  1. No, the tracks are narrower on a DVD, a CD player can't read them, you cannot cut new tracks.

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  2. But they could probally be played on his DVD player.

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  3. just burn audio cds onto the dvds as you would regular cd's and have him play them in his ps2, xbox, or dvd player... or a car tv/dvd receiver

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  4. Those DVD's sound real dodgey...I wouldn't even put them in my dvd burner to begin with.

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