Dell Optiplex Gx280 not booting

I bought a Dell optiplex GX280 Small Desktop With no hard drive.
It has Pentium 4 HT 2.8GHZ

But I have just one question which you may be able to help me with.
I have bought a new hard drive for this machine and plugged it in. the bios recognises the HDD.

My problem is that i cant install an OS from Cd or usb. I have tried a lot of disks and different OS systems including Win xp, win 7 and Ubuntu.

The system comes up with 2 errors. "Selected boot device not available - strike F1..", "invalid system Disk _ Replace the disk then press any key"

Ive tried changing the boot order and disabled floppy drive (because i dont have one) in bios
would love to get this compy working. Any help or advice would be much apprieciated.

Kind Regards
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  1. try hitting f10 or f11 just before the boot screen and choose the cd rom as the boot drive while the disc is in there!
  2. Thanks for your Replies. But still no luck!

    I tried pressing f12 and the menu comes up, so I choose the Cd Rom drive. Comes up with "Selected boot device not available - strike F1.."

    If I make Cd rom the only choice of bootable device then restart with the disks in it comes up with "invalid system Disk _ Replace the disk then press any key"
  3. sounds like the boot sequence is pointing to something other than the cd rom. can you push f2 upon boot and go into bios to check this setting?
  4. [1 onboard or usb cdrom drive
    onboard sata hard drive
    ... ]
    only the first one is enabled at the mo
  5. What disk do you have in the optical drive?

    What kind of hard drive did you install( ata or sata )?
  6. Got 3 sony cd -r, 2 with copy's of XP. one with UBUNTU, All bootable on my acer laptop.

    40GB SATA hard drive
  7. Any resolutions here? I am having the same issue. I've tried 3 known working bootable CDs with three known working DVD / CD ROM drives.
  8. no, still not working for me! I tried new Cd Drive, Dvd Drive (internal) hard disk, usb flash drive, usb hard drive; with 3 different working OS systems. Still no luck.

    Would love to know if anyone can do this?!
  9. can you try running the HDDs in different modes?
    I have 1 stsem were I have to run the Sata drve in IDE mode (or something like that)

    how about new cables?
  10. If you didn't try different cables, that would by my first thought.

    Some BIOS' have a OS install mode. You may need to enable this in the BIOS.

    Some CD/DVD drives don't read discs as well as others. Try using a few drops of water and a soft cloth to clean the bottom of the discs.
  11. Sometimes the GX280's have motherboard problems, specifically leaky capacitors. You might look at the caps and see if there's something yellowish leaking onto the silver parts
  12. The fix

    unplugged the CD drive & set the DVD drive to be the Master
    Clearing CMOS Settings

    From linuxpro

    Dell suck
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