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I am not familiar with audio thingy, so I have to ask some questions before I get myself an audio amplifier. My situation is like this: My bro gave me a panasonic DVD player with home theater system (5 speakers + subwoofer). The DVD player has karaoke system in it. But to activate the karaoke system, I have to change to Disc option.

Now I want to connect my laptop to the DVD player (AUX1) and output the sound from the player. When I change to AUX option, the karaoke system won't work.

My friend told me I should get an audio amplfier so I can plug in the laptop and microphone into audio amplifier and output the sound together through DVD player's speakers.

Is it possible to do in that way? What kind of amplifier I should look for?

Thank you.
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  1. What you have is called a Home Theater in a box. The karaoke is part of the DVD player part only so you can't use your laptop with it. To use your laptop and a mic you will need an mic line mixer that will combine the music from the laptop and the vocal from the mic and feed it into the Aux1 on the HTIB. A cheap DJ mixer should work. Make sure it has RCA outputs that will connect without an adaptor.
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