Gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p

im getting choppy audio on my Gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p with vlc, foobar and any other app i play audio on. the weird thing about it is that it doesn't discriminate by operating system. this happens in linux and windows 7.
it happens whether i use my on-board audio or my turtle beach riviera card.
can anyone help?
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  1. please?
  2. Maybe it's not your mobo(motherboard). Try testing with various audio equipment, it could be that your speakers are packing up.
  3. i tried another set of 5.1 speakers and am still getting choppy audio only on windows vista and 7. linux and osx are fine with both 5.1 sets.
  4. How about updating your audio driver. If this doesn't work try contacting Gigabyte. I too have the same mobo but I've never had any probs.
  5. it was EIST.
    i had to disable it.
    dont know y but it was EIST
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