Macbook with US keyboard running windows 7 - how do i enter euro

I have a Macbook Pro with a US keyboard.
When I run Windows 7 which sadly I need to can I get the euro symbol?
Is it possible to assign a key to do this, or change the dollar key to give a euro symbol.
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  1. If you run the character map program, you can basically pick a font. Then you find the Euro sign, and on the lower left corner there will be text like "Alt+0125" so that just means if you hold down the Alt key and press the number keys 1, 2, 5 then whatever character is represented by code 125 will be inserted.
  2. Thanks Scott
    I couldn't get the ALT+ controls to work on the Mac with Windows 7 - no problem with a regular PC on Windows 7.
    However, you put me on the right track. In the character map I was able to assign ALT+4 to create the euro symbol, so in effect I can replace the dollar sign by hitting ALT and the dollar key.
    Problem solved thank you.
  3. RE: "In the character map I was able to assign ALT+4 to create the euro symbol"
    So how does one do that in Character Map on a Macbook pro running win7?
    I cat find any facility at all to assign symbols or characters to a key combination in Chr map.?

    I am also running win7 on Macbook Pro and the biggest issues I have ia that the Alt+ decimal Character code mapping does not work. Whats the easiest way to get this working ?
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