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how long are the average waits for an exchange computer from dell.
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  1. I wated about 6 weeks.
  2. on an exchange or a new one
  3. They should have given you a tracking number so you can see where it is. Unless they haven't shipped it yet, at which point you should either call them or use the online chat. Make sure you have your case number (or whatever it's called) to help expedite the process. You should have been provided one when you first reported your problem.
  4. I sent in a replacement Before the holidays. a m17x with overheating issues. Order 1/19/2010. It eta started on 2/5/2010 then the dates keep adding up. Right now it on ETA 3/2/2010.

    I say Dell is the ssssslllooowweesstt of companys
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    Hm.. M17x should require a cooling pad due to its extreme beefiness in performance. Marcus, have you tried calling in or using their internet chat to see what your shipment status is?
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