Im Going to kill dell

When i did a order i had a $100 off promotional code for $400 or above that i entered and showed up on everything untill i get reciet in email. There's no cancel order online an i can't get a rep on the phone!!!! It just refers me to a difrent department every time can't talk to the idiots...

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  1. You got Delled.

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  2. Just be grateful if your system is "new". I paid for a "new" system and got a "refurbished" and can now prove it.

    so, Dude, don't get a DELL!
  3. dell (it doesn't deserve to be capitalized) has learned the art of selling to suckers. And I must say a lot of people to get delled. I can't keep track of the number of people in my dorm alone that got delled. Luckily I am not in their numbers, instead I fell for an IBM since I needed a computer fast.

    I crossed the line into insanity so long ago I no longer have any idea which way to go to get further from the line.
  4. I might as well ask this here....

    A person I know got a Dell Laptop from his work that has a mobile P4 1.7 (might be 1.6, can't remember)

    If you hit the windows and pause button, the general tab reports that it's this, but then right below that it says 1.2 GHz. Is it underclocked?

    <font color=red>I'd like to dedicate this post to all my friends, family, and fans. Without them this post would never have been possible. Thank you!</font color=red>
  5. If you are running on battery power, the cpu throttles down. Try plugging in the power cord and checking it again.

  6. my girlfriend got a new computer a few weeks ago, she tried to push her parents into buying a computer from me (i'm a 17 yeear old w/ a computer company), they wanted like $799 for a system and THEN a free DVD drive. "But Dell would do it") i had a AXP 1800, 512 MB RAM, CD-ROM Sound Blaster, Geforce2, 17" monitor, 40 gig HD, optical mouse... decent, as she wanted to play games and stuff, a big upgrade from her P-200 toshiba laptop.

    Instead, they got a Dell, ordered a P4 1.8Ghz 256MB DDR, 17" monitor, 40GB HD and a DVD drive.

    the computer came, said Pentium 4 inside on the box, i had her power it up and check the system control panel.. CELERON 1.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in a P4 1.8 box.

    they wern't pleased, sent the thing back, got another one, this time a P4 1.8, proper.

    DELL SCREWED UP, somethingi wouldnt have done, and BTW: the mouse is already broke, and it has integrated everything, no AGP slot and no upgrade space at all. for $799... DELL SUCKS!
  7. dell didnt screw any thing up. they thought they had a sucker on the phone so they sent a pos. most people wouldnt be able to tell the difference

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  8. Last week I noticed that we now have a Dell U1 server on out school (although it is an overkill with those slow PCs). I said 'You got Delled' to the system administrator and my Informatics teacher was standing there too... it seemed that they both didn't get what I was saying.

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  9. It makes you wonder how many times they make the celeron/p4 mistake and get away with it. I know lots of computer users who wouldn't know the difference and have complete faith in companies like Dell.

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  10. Hey DH.
    Plug the lappy into the wall, make sure its running from mains. Then go into the power settings and set everything to max speed.
    Then check again.

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  11. my friend's dad bought a P3 800 dell a few years ago before the P3 800 was even on the market; he was all over them until they sent him a refund for the price difference
  12. it wouldn't have come to light for the average user, i always give every system i come in contact with a once-over (OEM or not) to check out the basics:
    CPU type and speed
    RAM amount (type is a bonus)
    HDD space (speed/brand/interface bonus)
    CD Drive type (speed bonus)

    just told her t go to system props and we found the truth... i'm writing this on a dell, P4 1.7, 512MB SDRAM
    Rage128(!) 16MB vid card (outboard), integraded audio, integrated 3COM NIC 20GB HD and a 24x burner (School lab comps)
  13. I work for one of the two companies that does the on-site service for Dell. Our company does not just service Dell's, but of the PC's you'd be most commonly aware of we also directly cover Toshiba and Compaq. We also see repairs from just about every other OEM that sells off the shelf. The only one I haven't seen in the past 5 years is Gateway, so anything I say cannot be applied to Gateway, but that is only because I haven't personally had any direct contact with Gateway.

    With that in mind I'd first like to say that I would not personally buy any of them as I build my own like any good professional computer geek should. This is not because of a quality issue, but more of a cost factor. Mainly because I already own all the software I'm going to use, I see no need in paying for it over and over again.

    Next I would like to address the wrong Dell PC sent out by mistake. Sometimes a simple mistake is exactly that, a simple mistake. I will agree that Dell needs to improve upon their processes to ensure this won't happen again, but until they do, It'll happen from time to time.

    With us, they will ship one wrong part about every 3 months or so. Of course these are parts and not entire systems, but what usually happens is the wrong paperwork gets attached to the wrong part, so instead of getting a modem, I end up getting a Video Card. Where the tech who was suppose to get the Video Card ends up getting a modem. We usually just chalk these up to a mistake and re-order the part. I could easily see a similar thing happening with the PC itself. I know they don't do it intentionally, but sometimes a mistake is just that. A simple mistake.

    Now to the issue of the rebate comment. Online orders and phone in orders can both be handled through Customer Service. You can always get someone on the phone if as long as you have your Serial Number/Express Service Code. The express service code helps out for getting you to the appropriate department. It's usually printed on a small sticker attached to the left side of the PC or the bottom of a laptop. The way I would contact them is...

    1. Follow the steps as if you had a computer problem. This is usually by hitting option 1 and typing in your express service code (providing the options haven't changed since last time I called. I don't usually call in the Customer number as the tech's have a different call in number.)
    2. When the tech comes on, verify that he's the hardware tech for your model.
    3. Tell him your problem with the knowledge that he will be wanting to pass you to Customer Service. Once he does that, insist that he gets ahold of customer service directly and conference you in. Do not allow him pass you into their queue. They can do it, even if they say they can't. If he says he can't, then ask to speak to his supervisor.

    Basically, I don't play around with tech support guys anymore. But then, I've been doing it long enough, I know what they can do, what they can't do. They do it for us when we've deemed the computer non-repairable and they're going to replace the computer. (Non-repairable just means it would end up costing more to repair than to replace.)

    Let me see, what else can I talk about while I'm here...

    Oh yeah, the tech support complaint. Since I deal with calling various companies for tech support, I would like to say this much. Of all the companies I deal with, I prefer to contact Dell tech support the best. Granted sometimes I get a tech that must have got his certifications out of a cracker jack box, but for the most part they're the ones I have the least amount of problems with.

    Another thing about Dell Tech support. Most people don't know that they have multiple levels of support. The ones who answer the phone are more often than not Level 1 techs. They can usually handle your basic driver problem, software configuration, and the common things most people call in for, but when it comes to an actual hardware problem, a good majority have to consult with a Level 2 tech. It use to be where they could conference in a Level 2 tech, but nowadays it's a pain in butt to get a L2 on the phone. The way they consult the L2 is to IRC into their chat room. If they put you on hold in the middle of troubleshooting, that is ALWAYS what they're doing. There is no other reason to put you on hold, other than consulting their supervisor. Additionally, it's only an L2 that can authorize a replacement system.

    That doesn't count for systems that are less than 30 days old. Even if you don't see it in your paperwork, Dell has a 30 day no questions asked return policy. If there are any problem with your PC in the first 30 days, you can always get it corrected, replaced or returned. So it's advised to make sure you have what you wanted within the first 30 days.

    While I'm thinking about it, Compaq also has a similar L1/L2 tech support system. Only with them, when they say they're consulting their supervisor, they actually talking to L2 support. Sorta. With compaq the L2's are their supervisors, so they're not exactly lying when they say their talking to their supervisor, but it basically means the L1 tech has no clue. But that really goes for all these companies. The L1's for the most part have been with the company less than a year.

    While I'm here, I might as well keep going about things I know about companies.

    The worst...

    Of all the companies we do service for, the one I would just absolutely not recommend is Tiger Direct. Not that their systems are all crap, every company has good computers and bad computers, but it's more their policies. Hope you never have a software crash and need to reload the hard drive. You better either know what your doing and forget reload the drive yourself with the cabs that are on the hard drive which Tiger won't tell you that it's there or how to do it. Or be prepared for your hard drive to be in Florida for the next 2 weeks for re-imaging. When we have legitimate hard drive failure, we are sent out only to ensure the bad drive gets sent back. I hate hard drive replacements for Tiger Direct, because I know before I go out there the customer is going to be pissed. They send us out there with a blank hard drive with instructions for the customer to ship it to Florida for re-imaging. Now THAT is probably the dumbest thing we have happen to us for ALL the companies we do service for. Why not ship it to us with the drive pre-loaded if they're not going to provide the customer with software. I mean, that is the least they could do.

    Ok, let me get off of Tiger Direct before I start to get mad. :)

    Actually, I think I've said enough here. Actually, I've probably said too much. If nothing else, it's just killed a few minutes of your time for no reason at all. :)

    Take Care,
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