need advice on NIC/cable

I'm putting together a parts list to build my first P.C.
Ive got a good list goin,but unsure of what the best solution for network is.By the way I've only been usin a P.C. for about 4 months,time to upgrade,heh.
I've got comcast cable,the cable guy installed it so there's an ethernet link between the modem and and a USB port.I'd like to have both P.C.'s online.I may also want to network these 2 together in the near future.I have an extra cable outlet where the old P.C. will be used.The way the house is,it would be hard to to run a line between the 2.
Could be done,but would prolly end up having to go outside,then back in.Was kinda thinkin about networking them now if it would make transfering data to my new harddrive easier.Not sure of of putting them in the same case and doing it, may not work.Main thing is I'd like suggestions on what I need to buy now to get both online,keeping in mind the upgrade.How many NIC cards?,another modem?,wireless?,etc.
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  1. If you have problems running cables, then definitely go wireless.

    You'll need:

    Another NIC for the 2nd PC (wireless)

    If you go wireless, get a wireless Cable/DSL router. Linksys makes one, along with a bunch of other vendors.

    If you figure out how to run a cable, then just get a regular cable/DSL router and a 2nd NIC.

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  2. Agreed on the wireless thing.

    Go with the SMC wireless router because of the built-in print server and excellent signal.

    Pick whatever wireless NIC you want, but I have had good experiences with the Lucent/Agere Orinoco Gold.

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  3. Wireless is a lot more expensive then regular ethernet network. Wireless is also a lot slower too. For regular ethernet you just need one more NIC and crossover cable. This cost you less than $30.
    You just install one NIC to each PC.
    Connect the cable modem one of the PC via the usb port.
    Connect the PC with Crossover cable.
    Enable the internet connection sharing on the computer with cable modem.
    That is it.

    The downside is that for the other computer to go online the computer with Cable modem will have to be on.
  4. Thanks for all the good advice peeps,think I've got a better understanding of the possibilties now.Wireless is way expensive,since the cheaper products are,well..err,cheap.Which means top o the line for decent performance.Cant consider that option right now.Had to have the 19 inch monitor, understand.
    One question,if I go with the crossover cable i'll have internet access on both P.C.'s,(which is really the main thing right now)but can you transfer data as well? Also, anyone ever hear of cable rated for outdoors?
  5. Yes you can sharing data too. Just enable file and printer sharing in Windows.
    I have to put part of the cable for my network outdoor too I just use regular cable. I have the cable outside of the house for almost a year now and it still works fine.
  6. I would make sure that your house is set up for a wireless network. If you have certin things in your walls like chicken wire (older houses have this) or re-bar you wont be able to use a wireless network. Besides it's cheaper and faster using a CAT5 based network.
    On that note I would suggest using a Linksys router/switch for the base of your network, as for NIC's I have had good experiences with Realtek, and Netgear cards, the later being more expensive but a little better quality. As for a quick fix to network your two computers now, buy some CAT5 and make a crossover cable (258a on one end and 258b on the other) and then string the rest of the cable when you have the time. If you do end up doing the crossover cable be sure to install NetBuei, it will make things much eaiser.
    Good luck
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