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Hello, my sister used my laptop and didnt closed it properly or i dont know what she did but when i tried to turn it on and i cant start windows it sais that the computer is getting ready for the first use and the it sais that window cannot be installed
when this appears the only thing i can do is start task manager and i search the drive ant it sais that the hard drive is like empty it sais that i have avialable 420 of 450 gb of the memory
my question is can i get my files back if they were ereased??? i had almost 30 gb of pictures and los of files from school that i really need im desperate
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  1. you will need to connect the hard drive to another pc to try to recover the data

    dont do anything with the laptop as the more the drive gets overwritten the harder it will be to try to recover

  2. You can get hem back as long as you dont install anything on it and over write the files. You need to take the HDD out and hook it to another PC and use some type of recovery software to recover your files. Without another PC to hook it to as a slave drive you are screwed.
  3. I'd just like to add that if there isn't another computer around to hook up the laptop drive, but you have an USB external harddrive, you can still do it, by booting on a CD or USB, and doing the recovery from there, Hiren's boot CD comes to mind.

    Oh wait, you still need another computer to download it and create the bootable media...
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