LG L226WU? Please help me


Wounder if someone got (or have tried) this lcd screen, LG L226WU? Im very curious about how good it might be when it comes to gaming and image quality, if compared to L227WT, for example? Cause I haven't seen any good deep reviews except for this one (but i think it's not deep enough for me): DigitalVersus

The reason I might want that lcd instead of the always recommended gaming lcd L227WT (or even samsung t220) is that it has some extras, like pivot function, usb link function (for my laptop), and maybe better quality of grays.. So I really need someone who can tell some about this L226WU lcd screen please.

If it use the same technics as L227WT for reducing lags (ghosting, input lags) etc? Any cons compared to L227WT? and so on..

Hope someone got it..
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  1. Hi,

    I have just purchased this monitor and have written a review. The review is below. I highly recommend this monitor.

    LG L226WU Monitor Review

    Widescreen monitor with a unique 4:3 mode.

    I found a single review for this monitor at http://www.digitalversus.com/article-358-3984-35.html and it provides good information. It does not provide much information on the 4:3 mode though, so the following will mainly cover that one feature.

    I chose this monitor for two reasons:
    1. it has a very fast response for gaming (refer the above review), and
    2. it has the 4:3 mode. One of the games I play does not support widescreen resolutions. I did not want to have to look at a stretched image.

    The other concern I had when looking at this monitor was that all LCD monitors run at a single native resolution where everything is crisp and sharp. Changing to a different resolution gives a picture that is not as sharp, and at times can be almost blurry. I was not sure whether the 4:3 mode would be at the monitor’s native resolution, or at the “not so sharp/almost blurry” mode.

    I can report that this monitor works perfectly. The default resolution of this monitor is 1680 x 1050 so there is ample viewing area. The screen is very responsive. I cannot see any ghosting or blurring during game play.

    The 4:3 mode works well. I play a one game at a resolution of 1280 x 1024. After initially setting up the 4:3 mode on the monitor, it automatically changes the resolution to 1280 x 1024 whenever I start the game. It does this by putting black bars on the sides, and also at the top and bottom of the monitor. The black bars ensure that the 1280 x 1024 mode is still running at the monitors default resolution, so everything is perfectly sharp and clear. When the game finishes, and the display changes back to the windows desktop (1680 x 1050) the monitor automatically changes back to widescreen mode.

    Excellent picture and colour quality.
    Very fast response time.
    4:3 mode works perfectly for games that do not support widescreen. Do not have to distort the picture.
    Good height adjustment.
    Base has a built in swivel function.
    Monitor can be rotated from landscape to portrait.
    Built in USB hub can be used to connect multiple monitors and also connect the monitor to a PC which does not have a video card. Software needs to be installed onto the PC for this, and I have not tested it.
    Connectivity via VGA, DVI-D and USB.

    The USB hub is located on the back, since it is designed to connect multiple monitors. You can connect flash drives, but access to the back is difficult.
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