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HannsG HG281 28" monitor issue

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
November 28, 2008 11:23:25 PM


I just bought one of these monitors and am not sure whether mine is faulty or not.

It seems to be displaying reasonably at lower resolutions, however when I set it to 1920x1200, you can see a waviness in the display.

Is this because I've received a faulty monitor or could it be down to settings or my graphics card not being good enough or perhaps something else?
June 27, 2009 1:52:03 AM

Hanns-G 28 inch displays:

I have two of these, from 3 years ago and just bought another for work.

They are great for everything ! I am no photographer, but a heavy CAD etc user.

My older one + maybe the new one do get some "wavy" effects, like some slight horizontal lines interference like changes in brightness, but minor and not that serious. This happens when the computer updates the whole screen on initial load, it seems.
I also hear a slight buzz when I see the lines, I guess from the speakers which I have at full volume.
I am not sure if it is an internal thing in the monitor or the computer updating the screen.

But its a minor temp effect.

Also, I have had from time to time, a continual waviness in the raster.
So I push the Auto button on the rite side, this always gets rid of it. It may be misadjusted pixel clock, etc.

Also, I often adjust the Clock setting, from about 50 (the default) to 49 or 51, or a few more. THis makes the rite side of the raster go a little off the screen by a few pixels, or makes it shrink a little, but
this makes reverse video menus more readable, and eliminates white ghosting between characters.

Its probably good to get a really good video cable to avoid ghosting, reflections in the video cables.
Also probably good to avoid using old VGA type 15 pin cables, and use a digital interface cable, not an analog interface like VGA.

This is using it at work on a Dell M70 laptop, so I am probably pushing its graphics circuits driving this at 1900 x 1200 !!

The backlight of the 3-yr old one I have is as bright as ever. I still keep it turned down at the same setting!
Its beautiful on games, even Heroes of Might and Magic tiled graphics !

June 27, 2009 1:58:23 AM

Also- I just turned down the speakers from 100 to 0 on the monitor, and that got completely rid of some slight squeeking noises it makes,
when the screen has a lot of update activity.
And those squeeks correspond to slight horizontal lines in the display.

I dont think I see this effect at home where I have ~ 256 MB graphics card from Nvidia.