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Help, I am using a new Sony laptop running Vista

when typing in msword and notepad, it does not give me the correct character. For example, when typing the letter 'k' many times, I receive this instead 'vbnm,./-+\1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'`\zxcvbnm,./-+\1234567890-=qwert'

Yet I can type url's and in this web form just fine!! Sigh, please help. I have done virus scans with zonealarm but it doesnt show any issues. Help help!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Hay

    I was also having the same problem and after searching for long,
    I found that it's not num lock issue as if single key typing all the character, it's
    not num lock

    it's Zone Alarm Security suite, it's having Force Field Component which prevent the keylogger and it's having
    bug, Simply disable the Force Field in Zone alarm.

    here is the Bug Details

    Bug: Anti-Keylogger Causes Incorrect Character Typing

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