Am i running 2 versions of windows7 on the same pc

Hi,I purchased a new Asus K53U laptop and connected to the internet to install windows 7 OS. After installing OS, drivers and updates the pc is running a lot slower than one would expect,(C60 dual core, 2gb ram). Would be most grateful for any hints, tips
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  1. well, you have 2GB ram, did you install a x64 version? i'm not sure but i think the minimum on x64 is 4GB, x32 up to 3094mb or something of the sort...

    I'm no expert on laptop hardware but the dual core speed is? 1Ghz is borderline insanity with Win7, i highly recommend WinXP on anything lower than 2.4Ghz
  2. as for two versions you'd have a GRUB loader asking you which you would like to boot into after post. i'm assuming you have not seen this for it would have been fairly self explained there. did you do an upgrade? or a clean install

    Clean install means you during Windows 7 installation you chose to reformat the Drive before installing the OS.
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