Cable wire to hdmi TV

I am wondering if anyone knows if there is any component ( besides a cable or dish box ) that has a cable input jack and then an HDMI output jack ?
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  1. nothing affordable that works (that I know of).....Gefen has some that may work but they are pretty expensive from what I have seen.

    Unless this is some sort of commercial solution for multiple monitors with pre existing coax runs, this product will be way too expensive.

    Note: Reading about that product it seems to have been discontinued and superseded by this product which is wireless and way to expensive for me.

    use google and the term "coax to hdmi" for other options or maybe someone else here will have some input.....
  2. what exactly are you trying to do? that might help to suggest a resolution.
  3. Well we just had the basement finished and we had it pre-wired and the wire coming in from outside has the cable jack on it and then the wire that goes from the back ( where the cable wire is ) to the wall where we want to put the TV is an HDMI fitted wire ( on both ends ) so I need something as the go between the 2 different cables .
  4. hmmm....well, let me be sure I understand, you are just trying to get a TV signal to the monitor, correct...?

    If yes, I would probably just go buy a length of coax and replace the HDMI as I don't know of anything inexpensive that will do what you, once converted to HDMI, I am not all that confident your tuner will recognize it as a signal source that it can scan for channels...if your intent is to watch tv, this might be a problem.

    Short of having the tuner in the back where both the coax input and HDMI output are located, I can't think of another option....
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