Is the Asus X5DIJ laptop any good?

I'm considering buying the Asus X5DIJ (£399) laptop from ebuyer, does anyone know if it represents good value? Many Thanks
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  1. I'm looking at the same laptop. I found it difficult to find reviews on the Asus X5DIJ... until i looked at the ASUS k-series. The exact same spec but called the Asus K50IJ. So either someone in ebuyer confused the 'k' for an 'x' and the '0' for a 'D', or they just have different model numbers.
    - > Hope that helps with the research.

    Asus are known for their quality. I'm looking to buy a new laptop after my HP Pavilion fell apart (hardware malfunctions) just as the warrenty finished.

    My question is, whats better:

    (1) Asus K50AB Laptop, AMD QL-65 CPU, 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 15.6 TFT, DVD-SM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 with 512MB VRAM


    (2) Asus K50IN Laptop, Core 2 Duo T5870, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 15.6 TFT, DVD-SM, NVidia GeForce G102M with 512MB VRAM

    All other specs are the same.

    ~So far benchmark for AMD is higher than the Intel (minimal difference), and the ATI is ranked 75 compared to the Nvidia ranked 109 ( So option 1 is looking better, but a second opinion is always a good idea.
  2. OK, so i've done more research, turns out that the outcome is that the AMD isn't better than the intel. Intel will give better power and more energy efficient (longer battery life).

    Online recommendation: AMD does have a better graphics card, so if you're using it for light/medium gaming go with the AMD. If you're looking for battery life go with the Intel - which will cost more.

    Right now you can get the AMD "X5DAB" on ebuyer for £330.
  3. Sorry, £330 is without tax (from ebuyer)... my mistake, or rather ebuyers misleading email.

    Asus X5DAB / K50AB - £379.99 (AMD)

    Asus X5DIN / K50IN - £419.98 (Intel)

    Worth paying the difference? hmm still can't decide
  4. Ok so i've finally made my final decision. Asus K50AB (X5DAB from ebuyer) with the AMD chip. I did more research and it turns out the benchmark for both the CPU and videocard are ranked higher in this model than the K50IN (X5DIN on ebuyer). The only advantage of the intel model is a little longer battery life as the intel cpu uses less energy and it has an extra 1gb of ram, which i can upgrade myself on the asus AMD model simply and cheaply.

    As for heat differences between the cpu, asus has some special 'cool touch' features so i don't see heat issues using the AMD over the intel cpu with Asus.
  5. I think Asus X5DAB / K50AB is a good deal at £379.99.

    The warranty is confusing though, on Ebuyer it says it comes with one year while on Asus UK website it says 2-year limited global hardware warranty*different by country”.
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