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It's been a long time since I've looked into headsets, and owning a *great* one I have to ask the question yet again....

Currently, I use a Medusa 5.1 surround headset that is plugged into my sound card for positional audio in gaming. It works pretty well.

That said -- I have looked at some of the newer headsets, and they are all USB, pretty much eliminating the need for me to have a sound card at all. My question is -- how good are these USB headphones (specifically for gaming) if they come from Logitech or Razer or something? Is the CPU usage going to go up a lot (this was why I went the way I did with the Medusas), and are there any real benefits to having a sound card any more? I don't watch movies or listen to music much on the PC, and even if I do I don't care about the sound quality. I have a nice home theater for all that.

Anyway, I was thinking about buying the G35 headphones from Logitech but I'm hesitant because of the past information I've had, so I wanted to vet it all with you guys first.

ALSO,i ask its best logitech g35 with usb connection and virtual 7.1 sorround or Tritton AXPRO 5.1 Headphones with 8 Speakers and optical connection ti x-fi gamer card.Have usb headset EAX like x-fi gamer card?

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  1. As far as I know, USB Headsets have their own onboard driver and sound processor. I would assume that they would bypass the sound card entirly, which hurts big time for those of us who already have one...
  2. I just bought a new G35 today... And I love it. Granted I have onboard audio... I've never really used... been all USB audio here. But as far as the G35 you speak of... its a really good headset... Bit pricey... but worth it in my opinion. I've heard a ton of complains about the G35... Noise... Not loud enough, 7.1 not where it should be... I disagree with all...Is VERY loud... Makes my hair near my ears shake if all the way up... very good lows (bass) and highs (treb) I'd recommend it to anyone... 300% better than a $70 pair i bought a few months back.
  3. ^^ I would buy one, but the lack of upmixing is a major downer for someone who already have a soundcard. Plus, I have heard NOTHING about how 5.1 audio is processed (is it upmixed to 7.1? Does it play properly? Do you have to get down to 2.1?).
  4. Few months ago I was also wandering about G35, but because I have a sound card (actually 2: X-Fi Xtreme Gamer & Gamer Pro) I decided to go with Roccat Kave 5.1.
    Before that I had Syberia Steel Series and Creative Fatal1ty Gaming headset,and from those 3 I own, the Kave is the winner with me. I really really like it. Before Kave, Fatal1ty was my favorite because of the deeper bass, but with Kave the surround is much better - with Fatal1ty surround is OK but kind of flat.. I mean you can position left/right/front but not how close... with kave, you can do that.
    for example in TF2 when sniper shoots with arrow, you could actually feel how close the arrow passed next to you...
  5. Heck, I've now fallen in love with my Titton AX Pro. Sure, if you lack a soundcard, USB is probably the way to go, but nothing beats a good soundcard/headset combo.
  6. I Donno... I'm sure anything that is backing real hardware is pry gonna be a little bit better. But with todays technology with onboard sound cards. There just as good IMO. Unless your doing allot of recording and sound stuff. I remember back in the day when p4 800s were on top.. i bought a sound card I could plug in a guitar into. For normal use. For those people out there that can do 2-4 SLI/Crossfire there is no room for sound card... and there likely gamers. Gamers always require good sound. The G35s are very good.... I bought a pair of BOSE headphones for my mp3 player and my g35 sounds just as good.
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