Memory Card : Size vs Speed

Hello everyone,
I just got myself a new camera today (Panasonic Fz45) and I have to buy a new memory card.
My old 512MB memory stick on my old sony is not compatible and also I like a new one...

I am now confuse between size and speed.
Is it really really important to have a faster SDHC card or is it just enough to get a bigger one?

Can you recommend a card?

Thanks in advance
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  2. I gather that potentially the larger the card the slower it could be -- perhaps because the camera has more space and data to plough through to save the pic.

    Anyway look for a comparison review on card brands and model -- there can be speed differences between them.
  3. Actually most bigger size cards are faster as it's built on newer technology compared with older smaller size cards. Look for Class 6 as its the fastest (I know theres class 10 but its either expensive or not widely available yet) right now.
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