Can I Get Optical Digital Output Plus Analog Together?

Can I get optical digital 5.1 output plus rear panel analog output together?

I have a Gigabyte GA EX58 UD4P mobo which have the Realtec ACL889A audio chip. I am using the 5.1 optical digital output to my AV reciever to get great sound when I watch Netflix instant online movies on my Samsung LN52A650 LCDTV. However, I would like to get analog output directly from the PC to the TV simultaneously, is that posibble?

The main purpose is for the Hardware Monitor alerts, they can be set to come out of the the smal speaker inside of the PC case, which I cannot hear when I have loud movie sound with a powered sub blaring, or out the speakers. The problem is that I only turn the AV reciever on when watching movies or listining to music but with all other computing the sound can still be available with the TV speakers.
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  1. Probably not; Windows only lets you set one output device at a time. There might be some way around this though, as some programs will let you set a sound output device other then the default one, so in those cases, you could have two output streams.
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