Forgot my laptop password can i recover from another pc

its a dell windows xp and i cant remember my password i tried f8 and it just restarts and takes me back to the windows log i decided to reinstall windows ....but by any chance can i retrieve my password from my desktop?
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  1. go download ERD Commander 2005 it's a rescue disk burn it to a CD and boot from it. It has a program on it called NT Locksmith that will allow you to change the admin password or the password on any user account for that matter. Then you can log in using the changed password and voila there ya go
  2. Sorry for a late reply but hope my answer will do some help even a little. :) If anyone meet similar problem with silviama71 and forgot Windows login password, reinstall the system is not recommended as that way will erase all the data stored on your Windows.

    The best way is to try a program called Windows Password Recovery, you need to rely on another compputer and burn a CD, then insert it back to yoru locked computer. Boot the computer from the burned CD (in BIOS mode) and clear the password. It's quite easy. Best regards.
  3. I ever forgot my windows password and try to search for help on google. I've tried a couple of free password recovery utilities. The free software can help you, but you have to learn some computer skills and waste a lot time on learning. If you want to save more time, maybe Windows Password Reset 9.0 can help you.
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