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I am trying to find out if there is a way to upgrade the closed captioning on a Phillips HDTV 55" Tv with Dish Network DVR attatched?Anyone help me out ?
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  1. If the closed captioning you are referring to is for TV programs (as opposed to say DVD's) then I believe that is a function of your Dish Network DVR/Tuner.

    I am not familiar with the Dish Netwrok DVR but I know with DirectTV, you can change everything about the Closed Captions, from font, size, color, background color etc.

    What about them are you trying to "upgrade"?
  2. The captioning on the TV does'nt keep up with the words,in other words they may finish a sentence before the captioning catches up or they start another sentence before the captioning finishes the previous .I also have alot of scribbles dots and dashes and maybe question marks etc., occasionly.Hope that makes sense.
    My tv and dvr are set with the remote,no switches that I can find.

  3. Generally the digital subtitles provided by the satellite receiver are pretty quick and very customizable.

    Make sure you are using the DishNetwork Tuner/DVR for your captions, if your TV is trying to do the captions turn them off.

    If you refer to the closed caption/descriptive video sections of the user guide for your tuner/dvr, you should find a whole lot of options. I am not sure which dvr you have but here is a link to DishNetwork manuals...

    Hope this helps Chuck
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