Microtek X6EL SCSI Scanner not recognized

I'm inexperienced with SCSI peripherals, so I need your help. I had a Dell PII 450 with an Adaptec AHA 2930CU SCSI adapter, with an internal Yamaha CS2100 CDRW, and an external Microtek X6EL SCSI scanner. I installed these peripherals years ago, and do not remember how to configure the SCSI IDs. I moved the SCSI card and the two peripherals to a different computer, a COMPAQ DeskPro PIII 500, running Windows XP Pro. The card and CDRW were recognized, but the scanner is not recognized. I tried emailing Adaptec about the SCSI Card, and they said to check the SCSI ID configuration of the scanner. Unfortunately, the scanner isn't recognized at the hardware level. Can anyone help me out with this? This is a great scanner, and I'd hate to have to replace it just because I can't figure out SCSI.
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  1. I've been thinking of plunging my foot into this very bucket and ran across your question and this page: support.microsoft.com/kb/300674 in the same search. Maybe this is a fix. Maybe I'm going to leave that really great Microtek in the closet.
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