Multi input speakers or switch for PS3, 360 and MacBook

I'm looking around for a set of speakers, nothing definite yet as I'm on holidays next month and just bought a G25 wheel.

At the moment I've got my MacBook connected to Soundsticks (original USB ones, not Soundsticks II), and my PS3 and 360 connected to some PC 2.1 speakers bought for £20 some time ago, probably back when I had a PS2. So I'm looking for one set of speakers that I can connect all 3 into, and be able to switch between them. I don't mind if they're 2.1 or 5.1, 5.1 would be nice if they are the right money.

I've been looking around and the only option for multi input speakers I can find is the Logitech Z5500, which is more money than I want to spend to be honest. Another option I've come across is this - , a 3 inputs to 1 output digital audio switch.

So two things, is there a cheaper alternative to Z5500 that will work with my setup, and is there any reason why this switch wouldn't work with my setup if I got digital audio connection speakers, would 5.1 speakers work through the switch from all 3 inputs or would it be plain stereo?
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  1. There's no PC speaker with multi toslink input connector with decoder being sold cheaper than Z5500 at the moment that I know of. Not even the Z5500 have multi toslink connector.

    So you'll need a Logitech Z5500 and the Optical Digital Audio Switcher so you can connect multiple optical inputs, or a more expensive alternative would be a preamp or a receiver and connect speakers or your old one.
  2. Buy a cheap 3 way digital switch; I found one on Amazon for $29.99.

    As for speakers, I went with Dolby Headphones (which are giving me downright shocking quality, all things considered). The Z5500's are probably the best speakers you can get though, so if you don't want to go the headphone route, thats where I'd go.
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