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I am trying to run audio from my TV to my stereo. I have successfully done it from my dvd player to the stereo using the red and white cables from component. is it possible to take a red and white plug, and then open it up, and attatch wires from a cat5 cable on either ends, with the end result being a lengthened cable? I have an extra set of the red and white cables to test it on, as well as significant lengths of cat5 patch cord. I thank you in advance for any advice or help.
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  1. Are you trying to extend the cord or tapping on an existing connection?, but yes, you can use twisted pair wires, however I would not recomend it running more than 200 feet.
  2. I just want to extend the cord that is between 1.5 and 3 feet to something more like 25 feet. can i use cat5 to and twist each wire together? essentially adding the plugs onto each end of the cat5, after removing the crimping. are there any special wires (colors or something) i would need to use for that?
  3. Cat5 is twisted pairs; Cat5 refers to Category 5 for its rating. For audio, you can use a pair for red and a pair for white. You can even use the other pair/s for composite video or S-Video signal or use the extra pairs for loop back.

    Cat5 has 4 pairs, 8 wires altogether with 2 wires twisted together for a pair.
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